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Trillium Trail in Fox Chapel: Awesome Wildflowers, Waterfall, & Forest Near Pittsburgh

The Trillium Trail in Fox Chapel is a fantastic example of a community space that has been dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of early spring wildflowers. In addition to the wildflowers, there is a beautiful forest, with an amazing Hemlock specimen, along with a small waterfall. 

Unfortunately, me and CeCe were unable to walk this short trail together since it does not allow access for dog owners with their dogs. The three of us went to go here another time, but had to turn around because dogs are not allowed. I made a separate trip because it looked like a place that I really needed to visit. When it comes to the immediate Pittsburgh metropolitan area, meaning within a 15 minute ride of city limits, the Trillium Trail in Fox Chapel can't be beat. Better destinations are located within an hour drive of the city, but if you have some time after work one day and want to get a quick hike in to see wildflowers and you live in Pittsburgh, this is the place to go. They have cultivated a wildflower preserve that is a fine example of what can happen when community interests work together for the betterment of the community. 
Virginia Bluebells
Because of how close this is to Pittsburgh, I was able to take a quick jaunt to the park and check it out without my canine companion. With how short the trail was, it only took me about 25 minutes to do the whole thing. The statistics say it is roughly a mile, but it did not feel like that. It is a fun little nature walk, though not quite level enough to be ADA accessible. This trail is especially easy and close to Pittsburgh.
The trail's little dual waterfall
The Trillium Trail is just one of a series of trails and parks that are spread in a line across the affluent Pittsburgh suburb of Fox Chapel. Spring season with its wildflowers, and the autumn with delayed leaf color are some of the most easily visible natural demonstrations of urban heat islands, which are created from human activity such as the emission of greenhouse gases and the holding of heat from paved areas and buildings.
The flowers at this moment on the Trillium Trail in Fox Chapel are about 3 weeks ahead of where they are at Wolf Creek Narrows, about an hour's drive north of Pittsburgh. These flowers are really popping right now, thanks to the bubble of relative warmth within the Pittsburgh Metro Area. Additionally, a portion of the preserve has been fenced to keep foraging down from white tail deer populations. This section holds most of the preserve of Trillium.

This massive Hemlock caught my attention the most. 
Virginia Bluebells are probably the second most dominant species at the preserve, with lots of them leading up to the small waterfall that is present at the preserve. Another nice option for seeing wildflowers is located nearby at the beautiful Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, but the flowers are not as plentiful there, and it too does not allow dogs 😕

For more information on visiting, check out this link to the Fox Chapel Garden Club.

For more wildflower hotspots, from early spring through the autumn, months, check out our list of 35 plus destinations that wildflower connoisseurs have to check out across the state. Trillium Trail made our list, especially for its easy accessibility to the Pittsburgh metro area, though several world renowned spring wildflower spots are located within an hour's drive of the city. I cannot stress enough how you should go and take advantage of the short window in March through mid to late April and check out these wildflowers. It is one of the most spectacular displays that Mother Nature puts on in this state, and it is so easy to miss because of how short the window is and how busy this season is in general. 

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