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Little Drummer Historical Pathway Trail: Hiking in Allegheny National Forest

In our last article we talked about the Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Area and Beaver Meadows Recreation Areas as awesome places to hike, and we talked about how the recreation areas within the 513,175 Acres/801.8 Square miles of land of Allegheny National Forest came to be and how the recreation ares within the forest have come to be as cooperative efforts to remediate prior industrial damage. A similar type of effort needs to go into effect to remediate industrial damage from the last few decades.  Another shining example of a recreation area within the ANF is the beautiful Little Drummer Historical Pathway Trail. Similar to Beaver Meadows, it goes through beautiful woodlands, wetlands, and around a small lake. The wetlands are traversed by way of boardwalks. For what the trail does not offer in challenge in regards to topography, it more than makes up for with its length and pretty scenery. It also consists of a shorter 1 mile loop, or a longer 2.1 mile loop near Ridgeway. 

Of all of the hiking areas within ANF, this low-key hiking area is one of my favorites. It is quiet, goes through stunning forests with beautiful stands of hemlock and pines, and it goes around a managed wildlife wetland area and pond. 
There are easily thousands of feet of boardwalk in the wetlands and surrounding the pond.
In the warmer months, this habitat area must just be teeming with wildlife. There is lots of great habitat for it and lots of places to take it in.

Markers are located all along the trail showcasing many of the species that call the area home, including the namesake of trail, the "Little Drummer" which is the nickname of the state bird, the ruffed grouse.

CeCe was having a blast, as she always does on our hikes.
Overall, the Little Drummer Historical Pathway Trail is one of my favorite areas to hike within Allegheny National Forest. There are many great hiking spots, including the extremely popular Minister Creek Natural Area, which involves a steep hike up to a large rock city, Hector Falls, which involves a hike to a waterfall that flows through a rock city, Rimrock Overlook, which goes on top of and between giant boulders to give a view the Allegheny Reservoir and valley, and the Beaver Meadows and Buzzard Swamp areas, Little Drummer is one of my favorites. 

The coordinates to the trailhead and parking area are:
41.408603, -78.869588

It is located near Ridgeway and off of Hallton-Spring Creek Road

For more info, check out the ANF Website 


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