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America On Wheels Museum: Allentown, PA

The America on Wheels: A Museum of Over the Road Transportation in Allentown, PA is a really neat place. The building on the right stood vacant for over two decades as the home of offices for the former A&B, Arbogast and Bastian Meats that survived for nearly a century before it went under back in 1985.
The America On Wheels Museum is a brilliant reuse of a building that seemingly had no future. The bulk of the building is new construction, but the old office building is completely integrated into it.
The entrance into the museum is pretty explosive, with a very old Dupont Explosives truck, complete with empty sticks of dynamite, and more. A very odd and interesting relic.
There are even rolls of fuses. I wonder how many mines and tunnels that this truck once played a part in making.
Look at those old wheels. 
1959 Pontiac Catalina. Simply wow. I love these old highway cruisers. They simply don't make them like this anymore.

This car was once used on a ride at nearby Dorney Park Amusement Park
So parked to the blasting company truck is this gem. It looks like this would have been the wealthy mine owner driving by to check out how operations were going with the blasting.

The cafe is set up like an old 50s diner
With really cool hubcap artwork
The special display for this season is the history of pickup trucks, with some very cool old trucks and photographs of vehicles that were rescued from slowly rotting away.
A look at a road trip destination for generations of people in Eastern Pennsylvania, Dorney Park
Now heading into dealer and service area of the museum
1964 Studebaker
One of the coolest exhibits in the museum shows every detail of a full restoration on a 1935 Hupmobile Sedan

Talk about a huge difference! Here is a flashback to it before restoration:
Allentown is the home to so much over the road transportation history. The museum is the home to the Mack Truck archives. Mack Truck's first manufacturing facilities were located in Allentown. The Lehigh Valley is still home to all Mack Truck production.
An old Mack firetruck. 
Ring the bell!
An old Mack UPS truck
More Mack goodnesss
More stunning cars.
More highway cruising love
The first "horseless carriage," aka one of the first known gasoline motorized carriages. Local law enforcement insisted upon the vehicle only being driven at night because it spooked the horses. 
I highly recommend visiting the cool collection of the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown.

For a discounted entry, follow this link: https://www.groupon.com/biz/allentown/america-on-wheels

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