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Ringing Rocks and Waterfall, Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, PA

I always love seeing boulder fields/rock scrambles. Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County, PA has a great one of these. If you hammer to some of the rocks, they will actually ring. As strange as this is, there has not been a solid scientific explanation for the reason that the rocks ring. They always say that New Jersey is "weird." If weirdness is contagious, then this place must have caught it from Jersey, being located less than a half mile from the Delaware River and border with New Jersey. 
The main thing that brought me to this site was Ringing Rocks Falls. I am just realizing now how many photos I took of it. 
Slowly appearing more and more as I scale this large boulder.
I have heard that these falls pretty much come to a standstill come the summer months. It was flowing pretty fast, although I can tell that these falls could be quite larger. Here is some video from a couple vantage points.

Still some ice hanging on, even with how warm the weather has been.
It seems that these falls serve as a place where debris end up getting funneled out of the creek. I would imagine that the creek could get dammed up in this spot.
There is a lower set of falls as well.
This seems like the perfect place to go relax and read a book or just take in nature. People always talk about poets, authors, and visual artists going and just sitting in places like this for inspiration. 

Lower part of the falls. The rock formations at this set of falls are unique based upon what I have seen. 
Video of the falls

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