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Ohiopyle Falls, Ohiopyle State Park

So we dropped by the great Ohiopyle Falls at Ohiopyle State Park this past weekend. Here is a writeup from our visit back in January. I am glad that we stopped by this weekend, because it was really roaring. The sound of the falls was comparable to that of Niagara Falls. The weather was absolutely gorgeous as well, making this beautiful spot also very popular. The new viewing area and interpretive center really adds to the experience. The photos are a mix of both Brit's and mine (Dave)

 All I can say is that it was roaring! The rains from throughout the week have really swelled the falls.
 This close up looks like a huge wave smashing against a rocky shore.
 The water was rushing so fast that there was no uniformity to the flow. The water was rippling in every direction.
 The decks provide a great vantage point. There is no reason to climb the rails for a better view, for it can lead to tragic results. It took almost exactly a month to recover him unfortunately.
The falls were truly mighty this weekend.

Here is a comparison view to the falls back in January. A huge difference in flow. April Showers are really making the Youghiogheny River flow.

Be sure to take a trip out to Ohiopyle soon to see this natural wonder. If you really want a thrill, go out whitewater rafting or kayaking.

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