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Cole Run Falls, Forbes State Forest, Barronvale, Somerset County, PA

Today we take a look at Cole Run Falls, on the edge of Forbes State Forest in Barronville, Somerset County, PA. This is a place that you will not just stumble upon for it is located several miles from any paved roads. Fortunately it is pinpointed on Google Maps, so finding it with a GPS is pretty easy. From everything I have read the falls are named Cole Run, but the bridge crossing the creek that feeds the falls labels the creek as "Coal Run." Anyone have information on which spelling is correct? Judging by the old coal industry in the region, the coal name would make sense. 

This an absolutely beautiful set of falls. I think this set of falls may be my favorite in Western Pennsylvania. It is by no means the tallest, but the little pools, the variation in flow thanks to the rock formations at the top of the falls, the Mountain Laurel trees surrounding it, and deep wooded setting set Cole Run apart from the rest of the falls in Western PA in my humble opinion. This is a mix of photos between my camera, and Brit's.
 The view from the top
 These rock formations cause a cool variation of flow in the falls. They also demonstrate just how temporary these falls are, with a portion of the rock actually collapsed to the bottom of the falls.
 I spot Brit on the left!
Here you can see the entire view of the falls.
Here you can see the geological makeup of the falls. This is the second set of falls under the large falls.
This is the lead in at the top of the falls, where there are some nice calm pools to dip your feet into. One of the nicest aspects of these falls is how calm the water is, lending opportunities for some wading if you are mindful of safety.
Go fetch!
I highly recommend checking out these falls. If you are in the area, just type Cole Run Falls into Google Maps GPS and you will be able to find these falls very easily. 


  1. it's cole not coal.named after the stream which is cole run

    1. Yeah all of the tributary information and maps say Cole. However, the sign on the bridge says "Coal." I wonder who dropped the ball on making the sign?


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