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7 Signs You See In Pennsylvania

Thinking about signs you see throughout the state? Some of them can be seen here! As Arnold Horshack once said "Oooh Me! CLICK ME MR KOTTER!" These signs must be seen to be believed.

Ok that did not last too long. I tried to start this post off as a parody of the shallow clickbait pieces that are out there. The Onion and Clickhole are two of my favorite pages for their style in this. I found a number of signs from places that I love to visit throughout the state that I have not written posts for. 

As much as I hate to continue with the clickbait list format, I am kind of locked to it now. As always, here are some of the great things that this state has to offer. To inform our readers, the following list contains slightly more than seven signs. 

We will start off with Sally's and Sara's Diner at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. This place has some of the best burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and more. This is roadside Americana at its finest. great food, awesome relics including old gas pumps, soda machines, and more from the days of old.
While on the topic of Erie and Presque Isle State Park, you have to visit Waldameer Park, located just up the street from Sally's and Sara's Diner. Waldameer is an excellent park, with a balanced variety of attractions to satisfy everyone. The park's Ravine Flyer II is a modern wooden roller coaster that is one of the best in the world. 
Riding on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is one of my favorite things in the state. This shot was taken from the juncture of two of the state's great highways, the Turnpike and the Lincoln Highway. At this spot you can also visit the Abandoned Turnpike, featuring two bypassed tunnels that have sat abandoned for decades. The western end of the abandoned highway lies on the left side of the US30 Eastbound, just past the abandoned Ramada Hotel. 
There are numerous waterfalls throughout the state. This warning sign lays out all out for you on hiking safety and common sense when it comes to enjoying waterfalls anywhere, but especially at Jim Thorpe, PA's Glen Onoko Falls Gorge, one of the most rugged sets of falls in the state.
I always like when places add personalization to their water towers. This is from the ALPO pet food plant in the Lehigh Valley near Orefield. Now owned by the international corporate food giant Nestle, ALPO traces its creation back to Allentown in 1936 as the Allentown Products Company.

Kelly O's Diner in Pittsburgh's awesome Strip District area is one of the many fine eateries within this part of town. 
Hellertown's Lost River Caverns is a longtime Pennsylvania mainstay. It was discovered in 1883 in the midst of quarrying for Limestone, an industry that would last in that region for close to a century longer. The caves go to a depth of 80 feet and are 1200 feet long. It has operated continuously since 1930 as a roadside draw. 

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  1. Thanks for this post, PA has many things to offer and great scenary I miss living there


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