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McConnell's Mill State Park, June 21st, 2015

On Sunday our plan was to spend a relaxing afternoon laying on the beach at Moraine State Park. The weather looked alright, so we headed up. Low and behold, the skies let loose right as we start to haul the cooler, chairs, and towels. That led us to driving around. We headed to the adjacent McConnell's Mill State Park to see what the quick torrential downpours looked like at the creek. 

McConnell's Mill State Park. Rated as one of Pennsylvania's must-see state parks, the scenery is just stunning. The Slippery Rock Creek flows through this deep and rugged gorge, and this old mill was built within an area in which there was a clearing from the truck sized boulders that are throughout this entire area. The mill dates back to 1868. So this photo from this weekend is from after torrential rains.
This shot is from January after a big blizzard. Here is a write up on a time I had a visit with more favorable, albeit cold, weather conditions. 
 This is the adjacent stunning McConnell's Mill Covered Bridge. It was built in 1874 and is one of only four Howe Truss covered bridges in the state. 
Definitely visit this park sometime. Due to the weather we did not stay to do some of the awesome hiking that the park has to offer. Whitewater Kayaking is a popular activity at the park, but doing so in a thunderstorm is not exactly the best idea. The park is also home to numerous waterfalls. Spend an afternoon sometime at this state park, it is a pretty awesome place.

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