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Former Grandview Motel/Mt. Ararat Lookout Point, Bedford County, Lincoln Highway

A landmark hotel once resided on the Lincoln Highway in Bedford County, PA. It was the Grand View Point Hotel where you could see "three states and seven counties." It is located where the Lincoln Highway crosses the Alleghenies. In the early days of automobiles, at the top of every huge mountain there was once a rest stop where cars would refuel and reload water into their cars for coolant. On my journey across the old Lincoln Highway, I figured I would check out the site of where this fabled hotel once stood. 
The hotel itself burned down in a suspicious fire back in 2001, after years of abandonment. The beautiful view remains though. 
The official sign states that the elevation at this point, Mt. Ararat of the Allegheny Mountains, is 2464 feet.
Across the street a small building remains. I assume this was once part of the complex.
In the ten minutes I was there, several people stopped to check out the view on that beautiful day.
A handwritten marker.
Lots of foundation remnants from the old hotel.
A remarkable view
Here is the location on the Lincoln Highway. The vista is tough to miss after the climb to the summit.

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  1. I remember the hotel from the mid70’s when I worked in Bedford Co.....don’t recall any flags, banners or the steamship stacks....If anyone has pictures from back then I’d appreciate seeing them. Thanks for the post!


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