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Pymatuning State Park: Linesville Spillway "Where the ducks walk on the fish"

One of our favorite places to stop on our way to or from Conneaut Lake Park is at Pymatuning State Park's Linesville Spillway, the place with the tagline "where the ducks walk on fish." Historically this has been a huge draw to the region, drawing roadtrippers for nearly 80 years. In the midst of the Great Depression and subsequent World War II rationing, the Linesville Spillway provided a place for cheap entertainment for families all over. Feeding wildlife and fish was a favorite pastime in this time period. There is one place in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that this practice is still legal, and that is at the Pymatuning Spillway. If you go for a visit, be sure to carry all of the old bread, cereal, saltines, and other baked goods that you can find and you will see an awesome display. We start with an unusual look at the Spillway, from Valentine's Day Weekend where it was actually -4 degrees outside. You can see the steam rising off of the one seemingly freeze proof spot on this body of water.
 Now to the view from this weekend.
Back to February! The Spillway still looks about the same as it did back during the Great Depression.
The carp greatly outnumber the waterfowl, but they hold their own. 
 There was an especially high amount of Carp congregating in this spot this weekend.
 So much cheap entertainment!
 You can often see a few fish gather up the courage to try and jump back into the lake area. It is really exciting.
 "Shhh, I hope we can get this without getting a ton of attention!"
 "Never mind!"
If you are in Crawford County, make sure that you go see this awesome roadside attraction and also visit Conneaut Lake Park!

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