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Raymondskill Falls, Delaware Water Gap, Pike County, PA

I planned on spending the holiday weekend with Brit's family in Ithaca, NY, but ended up having to drive down to my family in the Lehigh Valley on Black Friday for unexpected family health reasons. En route I stopped at a few places that are difficult to reach for us easily from the Pittsburgh area, including Loyalsock State Forest and Rickett's Glen State Park. On the way back from the Valley to Ithaca, I stopped at the Delaware Water Gap. I had very limited time, so I went to Raymondskill Falls, and by the time I reached Silverthread and Dingmans, the two other behemoth waterfalls in the hundred foot range, it was already completely dark. On a challenging day, wrapping up the daylight at the tallest waterfall in the state, Raymondskill Falls, was a real treat. These falls are truly nothing short of stunning. At 120 feet, they are easily the tallest falls within the state. The three tiers of falls are unlike any other set in the state and have quickly become my favorite set of falls within the state, just after Glen Onoko. The magnitude of these falls reminds me of the magnificent falls of the Finger Lakes region of NY, the giants south of the state in the Blue Ridge, and the larger falls out west, including those of Yellowstone. These falls are unlike anything I have seen in PA, and they are spectacular. The more I think about it, I believe that this is my favorite set of falls within the state.
Experience the awe for yourself. These are some world class falls. They really helped me relax for a moment in a stressful time.

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