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Buttermilk Falls Armstrong West, Armstrong County, PA

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to stop by this set of falls. I cannot seem to find a definitive name on these, nor find much information on them. These are called Buttermilk Falls, but there is another set of falls in Armstrong County that is given this name. Not to mention the multitude of other "Buttermilk Falls" across the region. I've named them Buttermilk Falls Armstrong West, since this is west of the other set in Armstrong County. Regardless, this falls have quickly become one of my favorites in Western Pennsylvania. This set of Horsetail falls probably measures around 25 to 30 feet, with two tiers, set in the midst of a small, Mountain Laurel and Hemlock filled gorge. 
Let's slow it down a bit...
 Back to speed!
 These falls are beautiful!

While checking these out, be sure to check out the Kiski Junction Railroad, located just 5 minutes further down the road.

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