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Roaring Run Natural Area, Apollo, PA

Along the banks of the beautiful Kiskiminetas River is the sprawling Roaring Run Recreation Area. In addition to a portion of the Kiski waterfront, contained within the 653 acre natural area are miles of hiking trails, a rail trail, a playground, picnic areas, industrial relics, countless cascades and a series of beautiful waterfalls.
Kiskiminetas River and the Kiski Valley
Some attractions in the nice and small town of Apollo include the Apollo Area Historical Society's Drake's Log Cabin, their W.C.T.U. Building and Museum, the Nellie Bly House and Civil War Brigadier General Samuel M. Jackson's Mansion. Jackson is the namesake for the series of large falls contained within the park.
 I continued up the gorge to the trailhead for the Rock Furnace Trail. Set in a beautiful gorge, this is a fun hike.
Roaring Run Gorge
This section could technically be considered to be a natural waterslide, though I would not recommend swimming in it, for there is a mix of abandoned coal mine discharge and agricultural waste from agricultural activity within the immediate area. There has been quite a bit of cleanup since the recreation area was opened in 1993, but there are still issues.
Natural Waterslide Area
Rattling Run (Left) Roaring Run (Right)
Cascades on Roaring Run
 Roaring Run has a series of beautiful cascades as it descends towards the Kiski River
Roaring Run Cascades
Probably my favorite section of cascades in the Roaring Run Gorge. Truly gorgeous. 
Now let's slow it down a bit! This is a pretty awesome spot within the gorge. There was a slight breeze, and the frost inducing morning air was being pushed out with the warmer air. You would feel pockets of warmer and colder air every few seconds. 

Middle section of this set of cascades. The layers of rock are so stunning in this area.
Slowing it down a little bit in the middle section of those cascades. What a truly beautiful spot.
 This section of the area was used as the Biddle Iron Furnace from roughly 1825 to 1850. A few stone foundations remain, but the gem of this spot, in my eyes, is this enormous boulder. 
 Heading back up to the junction of Rattling and Roaring Runs. I noticed some of the mine discharge in the natural waterslide area.
 A small tributary into Rattling Run. Makes a nice little waterfall.
 The first glimpse of the lower Jackson Falls. 
Lower Jackson Falls
The top of Lower Jackson Falls
Middle Jackson Falls Cascades
Jackson Falls

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  1. Glad to see that you enjoyed our hidden gem. We are fortunate that some special people cared so much and their hard work has given back to this area a place for hiking, nature appreciation and education, and quiet contemplation.


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