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Fall Run Park, Shaler, PA, Allegheny County

Many communities have nice little parks for communities to gather, enjoy nature, picnic, and play sports in. Shaler Township, just across the Allegheny from Pittsburgh, is home to a fun little nature walk that sets this park apart from other municipal parks. This nature walk includes a set of small cascades and a waterfall that is roughly 15-20 feet tall. Located in a little valley, this is a nice little walk to escape life for a little bit. This was once one of the PA Game Lands, but the suburban development around the park made usage for hunting no longer possible.
Judge D.M. Miller Fall Run Park, Shaler Township, PA
Thanks to a local effort and a grant from the DCNR, they developed a trail to go traverse the small valley that Fall Run goes through.
They constructed some bridges, though the suburban sprawl and subsequent lack of rainwater management due to that sprawl, sends huge amounts of water down this creek, and some of the bridges are damaged. When the creek is calm though, some rocks placed within the creek are more than sufficient for crossing in some of the areas.
A fresh dusting of snow on this frigid morning.
I love the rock features in this creek

Fresh ice! This day likely had the first ice of the season.
I love the way ice crystals start to form.

I am not sure if this part is natural, or if it is a drainage feature. It looks cool either way.

Here is the waterfall!
Fall Run Falls
Tons of icicles!
The view from the top. They have a nice little observation deck set up
Looking down!

The Fall Run Trail is probably close to a mile back and forth. It is a nice little nature trail to take if you have a little bit of time to yourself or want to take a nice stroll. 

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