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Round Hill Park Farm, Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County

Over 1101 acres in Elizabeth Township, southeastern Allegheny County, there is a working exhibit farm that is within one of the Allegheny County Parks. In addition to the farm, there are also a bunch of athletic fields, picnic grounds, and a spray park for warm summer days. This was one of the coldest days of the year up until that point. I had wanted to visit Round Hill Park for a while, and this was my opportunity. I had to make a run to West Newton to pick up an alternator for one of my cars and this was the perfect chance to relax for a little bit at the park.
Some cows catching some rays in the pastures of Round Hill Park
Ducks hanging out around the park's pond
The water was just beginning to freeze on the pond. The ice was just thick enough  to support the ducks walking on top of it. It was so funny seeing them swimming and then walking up onto the ice.

A wide array of farm buildings are located within the park

This is a great park to relax in for a while. As a working demonstration farm that is publicly owned, this is a unique place. It serves as an educational place, with programs for young students to introduce them to what has always been our state's number one industry, agriculture. Be sure to check this park out if you love animals, farms, walking areas, and more. 

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