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Indiana County Covered Bridges

In addition to nearby attractions like the Jimmy Stewart Museum, Indiana is a nice and well rounded destination to spend a day at. Today we are looking at the county's four covered bridges, which are very pretty. 
Thomas Bridge
Coordinates: 40.663889, -79.236944

Thomas Bridge: Built in 1879, rebuilt in 1998, and located in Indiana, PA
The bridge was built using the Town Truss design and measures in at 55 feet long.

This bridge is kept in awesome shape and it crosses Crooked Creek.

Quick! Someone get back there and pick up the call from ET!
Trusal Bridge
Coordinates: 40.730278, -79.184722
Trusal Bridge: Built in 1870 and located near Willet, PA
Located in a pretty rural section of farmland in Indiana County, this little bridge measures in at 35 feet and it utilizes the Town Truss method of construction. It crosses Plum Creek.
There was something about this little bridge that really stuck out for me. While Indiana County's covered bridges are amongst the shortest in the state, they all have a bunch of character.
This and the next bridge we will be checking out, were replaced with these funky wooden bridges in 1990.
Harmon Covered Bridge
Coordinates: 40.713333, -79.081389
Harmon Covered Bridge - Built in 1910 and located near Willet, PA

This bridge is a near twin of the Trusal Bridge, located not even a half mile up the road from this bridge. It was named after J.S. Harmon, a nearby farmer and Civil War Veteran that was also a POW, held in a Confederate POW Camp in Georgia. The bridge was built with the Town Truss method and measures in at 45 feet long.

Kintersburg Bridge
Coordinates: 40.713333, -79.081389
Kintersburg Bridge: Built in 1877 and located in Kintersburg, PA

At 62 feet long, it is the longest covered bridge in Indiana County, and the only in the county to utilize the Howe Truss design. There are only five other Howe Truss Covered Bridges within the state.
Indiana County's covered bridges are definitely worth a visit when visiting the area. Definitely check them out and pair the visit with stops at places like the Jimmy Stewart Museum.

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