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Kennerdell Overlook, Kennerdell, PA, Venango County

The Kennerdell Overlook is home to a spectacular view over the Allegheny River as it bends through the mountainous terrain of Western Pennsylvania. 
The view is quite stunning. The following includes photos from a visit in the winter, and another in the summer in search of some Perseid Meteor Shower action. 
As soon as I arrived, fog began rolling in, along with an approaching thunderstorm. The views were breathtaking.
Now back to winter views!
A rock outcropping at the site.

Here is the view at river level, hundreds of feet below the overlook. There is another tunnel that bypasses this bend like at Brady's Bend. It is on the Allegheny River Trail

Be sure to take a drive up the Allegheny River if you want to see some awesome sights. Between this, the nearby Freedom Falls, Allegheny River Trail, Rockland Furnace and TunnelBrady's Bend, Allegheny Reservoir, and more, the ride is more than worth it to see all of the fantastic scenery.

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