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Greene County Covered Bridges

Now we continue our covered bridge tour into Greene County. Between Greene and Washington Counties, there are 29 covered bridges. Eight covered bridges are located in Greene County, with all of them excellently maintained.
Scott Bridge, Rogersville, PA
Coordinates: 39.8875, -80.325833
Here is the Scott Covered Bridge. This bridge dates back to 1885 and remains unpainted and retaining a natural look. The bridge measures in at 41 feet and utilizes Queenpost construction.

Shriver Bridge, Center Township
Coordinates: 39.8525, -80.279444
Shriver Covered Bridge was built in 1900 and has many stunning rural farm structures surrounding it. The bridge is freshly renovated, with treated natural wood. The wood is treated similar to that of railroad ties. It is a Queenpost bridge that measures in at 40 feet. 

Another abandoned log cabin in Greene County.

And an abandoned one room schoolhouse or church. It amazes me how many of these quaint structures remain in Greene and Washington Counties. This is located in Ironrock.
Nettie Woods Bridge, Center Township 
Coordinates: 39.811944, -80.013889
The Neddie or Nettie Woods Covered Bridge also retains its natural wood look and is the oldest covered bridge in Greene County, dating back to 1882. It is a Queenpost bridge and it measures in at 40 feet long.

King Covered Bridge, Wayne Township
Coordinates: 39.863333, -80.271667
The King Covered Bridge dates back to 1890,  is 46 feet long, and utilizes the Queenpost method

I always love seeing this old Pony Truss bridges. This is the 1903 Mohr Road Pony Truss Bridge. 
This is another of these old Pony Truss bridges that has a small adjacent pedestrian bridge.

Here is a wetland restoration project within the county. 
White Bridge, Garards Fort, PA
Coordinates: 39.805833, -80.0525
White Bridge dates back to 1919 and is the longest bridge in Greene County, and one of the tallest in existence, with a height over over 17 feet. It was built utilizing the Queenpost Style. 
Greene County's covered bridges are impeccably maintained and fun to check out on a relaxing drive. Be sure to check these out, in addition to the Carmichaels Bridge and the covered bridges of Washington County.

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