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A Solemn Tribute: The Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset, PA

As I am sure you are well aware, on September 11th 2001, a plane that was headed from Newark,  NJ to San Francisco crashed right in this field in remote Somerset County. A melee happened aboard the plane as the plane was hijacked and it went down in remote Somerset County, Pennsylvania near a strip coal mine. More information about the incident is available here. Many lives were lost on this terrible day in our history and this memorial is a tribute to those lost lives.

Looking into the sunset at the gateway to the memorial. Prior to entering the site you read information about the tragedy and more. It is stirring up emotions just looking at the pictures.

 Gateway into the sunset. It was a beautiful evening last night.
 This is the reflection path. There are ledges where folks can leave pieces of remembrance. At the end you can see the marble wall in which the names of the victims are inscribed. 
 Here is the wall
 The memorial is fitting. At the end you can see a wooden gate they made that has a direct view to the crash site.
 The symbolic pathway leads to that boulder in front of a grove of hemlocks. The impact site was right there.

 The tribute to the victims is beautiful. I highly recommend checking it out for the victims of everything relating to 9/11. In remembrance, in love, and as a lesson to help foster children to grow in a way that they value life. This was violence on a large scale. Daily we lose folks left and right to violence and this is a giant reminder towards that. We can foster a foundation in our youth today to cultivate a value for human lives. I get emotional thinking about these lost lives, all lost lives, lost for fully stupid reasons. I cannot stand the thought that at this moment that someone is a victim of terrible violence like this. Do what you can on a small scale, get the message across. This needs to end now. As someone in the education fields, seeing teenagers getting killed makes me especially sensitive to this issue. No matter what the life, we are talking a human life. These folks are our  brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, other relatives, or friends. Think about that and think about how you can go out and instill the value of human life into everyone around you. 

Please go out and check out this site in remembrance. 
Almost as if they are watching down upon this site and protecting it, you can see the windmills in part of Pennsylvania's windmill belt. 

 We also saw lots of wildlife like ducks, geese, other birds, and deer. It was a serene place and it is just horrifying to think of the human tragedy that happened at this site.

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