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Los Palmas: Atwood Street in Oakland, Pittsburgh

What I do is random. Everything I do is random. I notice random things on a daily basis and that is one of my favorite things.

I am all about a great food joint, especially a street vendor who provides a one of a kind meal at very inexpensive prices. One of my favorite places is the Los Palmas Taco Stand in front of the Los Palmas Mexican Grocery on Atwood in Oakland. These guys make authentic Mexican Tacos with fantastic homemade tortillas, delicious meats, fresh veggies, and most importantly, fresh cilantro and lime. They do a fantastic job like Edgar on Penn Avenue in the Strip. I consider both equals in their delicious creations. Los Palmas has come onto the scene in the last few years and it is already a must-visit place for me if you happen to be in the neighborhood. This stand boasts the best quality and least-expensive meal in the neighborhood.

The time was 11:00 and they were getting ready for the lunch rush. This stand is very popular and really provides a flare to the community. 

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