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Restored Mansfield Bridge (Dravosburg/McKeesport)

So this past weekend, in addition to checking out the Game Preserve, we meandered around to check out the Mon Valley. We ended up in Elizabeth, crossing the Mon several times, once at Dravosburg, again in Clairton and I think finally in Elizabeth. I could not help but be amazed at the progress they made in restoring the Mansfield Bridge between Dravosburg and McKeesport/Glassport. This bridge was in real disrepair up until this recent restoration project. I mean the bridge was in just awful shape.
Photo from the Post-Gazette
This bridge was built using recycled steel from the Wabash Bridge that crossed the Mon in Pittsburgh between Southside and Downtown out of the Wabash Tunnel. That bridge was torn down in 1948 after not seeing usage and they reutilized the steel on this project. You can still see the old Wabash bridge piers on either side of the Mon right where the Wabash Tunnel cuts through Mt. Washington. 

If anyone has any photos from when this operated in conjunction with streetcars, please let me know because I would love to see the pictures. 

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