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Driving through Danville, PA

We headed to Knoebels yesterday and you can check out the report from our wonderful trip to the amusement park here. That park is wonderful in every sense of the word and a place that you should check out. We had never approached the park from the west and we ended up going through a little town called Danville. This town had remnants of the old iron production that once took place along the Susquehanna river. The railroad is very prominent in this town, right in the center of it. The town is also home to one of the most major hospitals in the region, Geisinger. This is a cool little town. The thing that first caught my eye was this elaborate pedestrian bridge.

 This tunnel is pretty cool too

 Crossing the Susquehanna. I always love seeing the Susquehanna with how far it spreads across the horizon.

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