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AMES Department Store Tidbit

As you guys know, I get a random thought into my head and go into research rants. I love finding old gems/relics. SHHHHH on this one though, it has AMES corporate secrets! On a serious note though, it stinks to see how many old stores have closed and folks have gone out of work. Other places like Jamesway, Caldor, Laneco, Ward's, and many other similar stores come to mind.

It is always cool to look at an abandoned or repurposed store building and guess what it may have been at one point. It is tougher with AMES stores because they had no real consistent storefront style since the entire chain was a mashup of a bunch of different old chains like King's, Hill's, GC Murphy, old Jamesway locations, and many others. In many places you can still see some of the old locations vacant because of their relative small size compared to modern retail stores.

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