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Hotel Conneaut

We decided to spend Valentine's Day overnight at the historic Hotel Conneaut. Valentine's Day celebrations double as our anniversary date from when Brit and I first became a couple on the weekend afterwards. Six years and counting for us and we will get married in July.

As we arrived at the Hotel Conneaut, the blizzard began to let up. This beautiful hotel dates back 113 years and is said to be haunted. Occasionally the lights would flicker or you would hear a random knock. Were these things the results of ghosts haunting us, or were they explainable things? That is up to you!
A 1912 Pittsburgh Press Advertisement. The attractions at Conneaut Lake were built as a destination for railroad riders to escape smoky and polluted Pittsburgh. At the height of the park and hotel, 80 percent of the visitors came from Pittsburgh.

Here is the Crystal ballroom. Once upon a time, Perry Como cut hair as a barber during the day at Conneaut Lake, and performed at night before he got his big break. Doris Day also got her start at the park.

And the next day was beautifully sunny and clear. Judging by the looks of the weather, you would not expect the temperature to actually be -8!
 Time to go and venture into the snowy Conneaut Lake park! You can see the pictures on our other page.

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