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Random stuff from Lawrence and Beaver Counties

Some of the things that we found on our drive did not really fit into any specific category, so here are a bunch of random things that we found on our drive. 

One of the coolest things we saw were these old Pennsylvania Railroad cars at the Harlansburg Station Train Museum near New Castle, PA. They will not be open again until spring unfortunately. We will definitely be back.
 This place looks like theming at an amusement park, but no, just some neglected buildings. This house is half collapsed.
 This barn is on the verge of collapse as well, with the back corner out of view being completely collapsed. There were farm animals still in the yard around it.
 Down to Beaver Falls for this depressing looking shopping center.
 Seeing the closed signs for these old movie theaters is really depressing. Often times these theaters are open for 30 years and are even family owned. Letting go is tough.
 Everything in this shopping center was closed.
 Now back to happy things and the coolest store sign I have ever seen! Paul's Market is on the south side of Beaver Falls and has a full selection of fresh meats and other foods. We picked up some pyrohi and they were some the best that we have ever eaten! The sauerkraut and kielbasa ones really it the spot.  
 Beautiful sunset during our relaxing Saturday drive.

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