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Snowy Drive Part 2: McConnell's Mill State Park Part 1

Today we start a hike into McConnell's Mill State Park. Yesterday we looked at the first part of our journey at Moraine State Park. Today ee will head down to the Mill from the north on the North Country National Scenic Trail. I love hiking in the snow.
The entire Slippery Rock Creek Valley is filled with giant Hemlock Trees, the state tree. These Hemlocks are particularly impressive considering how slow these trees grow.
The North Country National Scenic Trail stretches from Eastern New York to South Dakota.
Heading into the valley!
Mushroomy dead tree
Here is a video of a little spring that heads down the cliffside into Slippery Rock Creek
These tiny icicles caught my eye for some reason
A walk through the woods with nothing but the sounds of flowing water and crunching snow under your feet is extremely relaxing.
Such a great sound
The giant boulders are tremendous.
A little chilly for the ferns

As soon as the water got out of the rapids area and slowed down, it immediately started to freeze.
I started at Alpha Pass and headed towards the Old Mill, a 1.5 mile trek each way.
I could not stop taking pictures. Just gorgeous scenery.
Several of the most common trees in the Pennsylvania deciduous forests, Hemlock and Cherry Trees.
I have heard that there are several thickets of old growth forest within McConnell's Mill. I read that from a source that was about ten years old, so hopefully they are still intact. These two trees could be old growth, or very old second growth.
And just like that...the creek has a completely frozen glaze. This is the point at which the water starts damming up from the old mill downstream.
And there is the Covered Bridge! We will pick up from this point tomorrow!

Next we will check out the old mill and covered bridge!

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