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Springfield Falls, Mercer County, Springfield, PA

This weekend we did some more of our typical random driving and headed up to Springfield, PA to see Springfield Falls. This is not located too far from the Grove City exit of Interstate 79. This is the side view of the falls. The photos are a mix between my Canon camera, and Brit's Kodak. Unlike several other falls we have attempted to check out, this waterfall is open and accessible via state game lands.
Brit opted to not scale the cliff as I did. The flip side of this is that I get to see myself from a different vantage point. If you haven't noticed, the falls are located in a beautiful grove of Hemlock trees.
Scaling the wall. I love the cool ice formations.
The carved out rock wall with icicles in the mini caves.
A very large Hemlock. This type of tree grows very slowly, so I am always captivated when I see giants like this. The majesty of nature.
A side runoff waterfall all frozen over. It almost looks like a mini version of the Mineral Springs at Raccoon Creek State Park that we visited a few weeks ago.
Another side angle of the ice formations. You couldn't even make art this beautiful.
I spot Brit! 
The full view of the falls. Only about 20 feet high by maybe 40 feet wide. 
A clip of the falls in action:
The splashdown area was thawed, but the creek only continued through a tiny trough.
Did I mention this spot is tranquil and beautiful?
This majestic hawk watches over the falls. We had never seen a hawk this closely before. 
Piercing eyes on an intense bird.
It turned to show us all angles.
It was hanging out on a sign for a local jeweler that has a business right near the falls.
"Eh I think I will fly over to the tree now!"
Be sure to check out these falls! Especially if you have some time to kill around Grove City. 

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