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Snowy Drive Part 3: McConnell's Mill State Park Mill and Covered Bridge

So my 1.5 mile hike concluded at these beautiful landmarks, the old mill, dam, and covered bridge. The covered bridge dates back to 1875 and is on the National Registry for Historic Places. This Howe Truss bridge has outlasted hundreds, if not thousands, of PA bridges that were built much more recently, including the next bridge down stream that is much newer. 
 Here is the dam that once helped power the old grist mill.
 The mill dates all the way back to 1868. It last operated in 1928 and has remained well preserved since, as an insight into life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. 
 The falls from the dam reflecting in the windows.
 It was a beautiful day! There is nothing like a crisp winter day like this. 
 I love seeing the way ice forms around waterfall areas.
 Even after 141 years, this old covered bridge remains in operation. It is so beautiful.

The view of this spot that once provided for the entire community. 
 The North Country Trail proceeds from this point. Anyone up for a hike to North Dakota?
 Ehhhh not today. Heading back to Alpha Point!
 I love the way the ice formed under these large boulders. The name "Slippery Rock" for the creek is very fitting. 
 I love Hemlock forests
 Now for Alpha Falls at Alpha Point. Not much to see with it all frozen.
 Yeah there is a little waterfall there
Video of the falls:

 This creek feeds into it. It wreaked of sulfur, presumably from prior mining damage, or current damage from either the drilling or heavy strip mining around the park. 
Here are some of the giant strip mine operations within 500 feet of the park. I hope the park area does not get further damage.
Now back to happier stuff, giant icicle!
McConnell's Mill is a cool place that you should definitely check out

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