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Walk Down Baum Boulevard Part 9: The Churches

Moving along on our journey down Baum Boulevard! Here are parts 123456, 7,and 8.

As with all of old Pittsburgh, the churches are stunning.

We start off with a memorial to World War II. The sacrifice of individuals during the war is something that needs to be memorialized like this. It is great that it is in a little green park area in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Baum, Liberty, and Centre Ave. juncture.
It makes me think of my grandfather. He went on to come back and raise a family in Allentown after sacrificing himself in Europe and the Philippines. With him it was a matter of timing, turning 18 in the January after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He passed away four years ago now. 
 These memorials are so important.
The church in the background is the First United Methodist Church. This Pittsburgh Historical Landmark dates all the way back to 1893! It predates World War II by about a half century! 121 years old. Just imagine all of the special moments of joy and sorrow that have been experienced in this continuously running church. Just imagine the amount of people that have walked through those doors in worship. It is pretty amazing to think about, regardless of your option in faith. Below you can see the view from Baum Boulevard. 
Here is the view from Centre Avenue. This congregation's building is beautiful.
One of the most spectacular church buildings in existence, in my opinion, is East Liberty Presbyterian. Let's put some perspective into this. In the photo below this, I was exactly 1.2 miles from the church.
Yet this beauty stands out like this!
This church is a beacon for the entire east end of the city. It can be seen from miles around. 
One of the most spectacular steeple/towers for a church that I have seen is the 300 foot East Liberty Presbyterian Church, also known as the Cathedral of Hope. I have never taken the opportunity to go into the church. With how much care they took with the exterior, I am sure the interior is as spectacular as well. This church was built between 1932 and 1935 and it was funded greatly by donations from Richard B. Mellon. It was built in Gothic style and has some notable stained glass. I am not sure how in anyway this applies to a church setting, but Confederate General Stonewall Jackson is enshrined in stained glass. He was an outspoken Presbyterian though. The church also has one of the largest pipe organs that has ever been built. I would like to take a peek into this church sometime. It is very hard to miss if you get anywhere near East Liberty. You can see the 300 foot tower down Centre Avenue and Baum Boulevard for miles.
Be sure to check out the stunning architecture of these church buildings if you happen to be in the area.

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