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Allegheny Grille: Foxburg's Riverside Restaurant with Good Food

Today we stop by the cute riverside borough of Foxburg for a visit to the Allegheny Grille. The upscale dining experience here, with the spectacular views afforded of the upper Allegheny River, make this a place that you definitely want to check out. As far as the building goes, it is built in a manner not unlike that of a National Park Lodge. There are large windows on the riverside area, in addition to an outside deck area. The building in itself is pretty impressive, and the good food is just icing on the cake.
The restaurant's setting on the Allegheny River is relaxing.

Salads, Brit looking beautiful, and a mesmerizing view of the river.
I had the eggplant parmesan, and Brit had the New York Strip Steak. 
The meal was hearty and satisfying, and the setting of the restaurant is excellent. 
Foxburg is such a nice little borough and we highly recommend spending some time there. The cute little shops surrounding the restaurant, including Foxburg Wine Cellars and Divani Chocolatier are definitely places that you should check out, in addition to the Foxburg Country Club, the country's oldest continuously run golf course, and the bicycle trails that go along the riverside. 
For more information about their restaurant, check out http://alleghenygrille.com

The Allegheny Grille and thPA Great Outdoors Region Visitors Bureau hosted us and we have shared our candid thoughts and opinions about this place.

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