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Random Clarion County: Rapp Run Falls and Helen Furnace

Rapp Run Falls Gorge Coordinates:
41.236117, -79.384971

The waterfall gorge of Rapp Run, just outside of Clarion, is beautiful. While this gorge is not particularly large by any means, it is definitely a place you should stop and check out if you are in the area. The gorge has a series of small waterfalls that are very beautiful. 
While the falls are pretty small, the gorge is certainly quite beautiful. I always love seeing gorges with hemlock and mountain laurel.
I would say that the tallest set is roughly 10 feet or so. The gorge that the falls go through is probably the most impressive part, and the series of tiny falls, of which there are six or seven of. While this is practically roadside, ensure that you are careful, for the sides of the gorge are a little steep. If you happen to be in the area, be sure to check out Rapp Run.
Our next random stop takes us to Helen Furnace, where Clarion County has erected a monument that is an ode to the industrial heritage of the region. 
Clarion County was once home to many iron furnaces and a booming coal economy. While this has waned, many remnants hang around. Helen Furnace is located in an unincorporated village of the same name. It was built in 1845 and decommissioned in 1857. It was mistakenly referred to as Helen Furnace at some point, when it was initially named Highland Furnace, though the mistaken name is what has held on over the years. The owner of the farm on which this furnace was built, Alexander McNaughton, was a proud Scotsman and the furnace was named after his Highland Scottish Heritage. The Scottish pronunciation of Highland likely ended up in people thinking that the name was Helen instead of Highland. 
This furnace is a reproduction of the original. It utilized some of the original materials and it was completed in 1977.
The furnace is surrounded by a nice park area with a grassy area, excellent for playing a game of catch or for enjoying a picnic lunch. This is located along the route between the borough of Clarion and Cook Forest, and well worth a stop if you are in the area.

Helen Furnace Coordinates:
41.292253, -79.311731

These are two places that you should certainly check out if you are in the Clarion area. For other suggestions on places to check out in the Clarion and the PA Great Outdoors Region, check out our series of articles on the region. 

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