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Schuylkill County Covered Bridges: Rock and Zimmerman in Pine Grove, PA

Today we visit Schuylkill County's two covered bridges, Rock and Zimmerman. We first check out the Rock Covered Bridge. The bridge crosses the Little Swatara Creek and utilizes Burr Arch-Truss construction. It was built in 1870 and was recently redone with retrofitted I-Beam supports. It is in beautiful shape, and measures in at only 56 feet long. 
 Rock Covered Bridge 
N 40.544679   W 76.295055

The Little Swatara Creek is a stocked trout fishery. I think my favorite aspect of the area is that they have created a fishing spot right next to the bridge that is easily accessible for everyone. You do not see this very often, especially when creek banks are generally difficult to access for many people. I really appreciated seeing the community make an effort to make fishing more accessible for everyone for equal access is something that I am very passionate about. 
Our next stop takes us just up the road to the Zimmerman Covered Bridge. 
 N 40.544247   W 76.325557
This bridge dates back to 1880. Aside from rebuilding portions of the bridge's structure, in addition to lifting the structure in 1996 and building new abutments, this bridge is largely intact from the way it was originally built. 

I love the way reflections look in still water.
This is a beautiful little area to check out. If you are heading through the area, be sure to check out the Rock and Zimmerman Covered Bridges in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County

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