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Beaver Creek Nature Area: Great Area For Bird Watching, Fishing, and Picnicking

Beaver Creek Nature Area is a wetland wildlife observation area that is highly rated by the Audubon Society for bird watching. It was created as a cooperative effort by the sportsmen's group, Alliance for Wetlands and Wildlife. It has a series of ponds created with cold springs that propagate wildlife. The Seneca Rocks Audubon Society has observed more than 150 different bird species that migrate through and nest on this 850 acre preserve, filled with lakes, meadows, and woodlands. Bass and panfish are stocked in the different ponds. The creek flows through the area and is stocked with trout. 

Picnic groves are available in one of the few areas of the property that does not consist of wetlands. 
One of the ponds.
We only ended up seeing Canadian Geese, but it is clear that this area is home to a number of bird species.
They have erected birdhouses to help provide habitat.
There is a thriving Amish community in the area and this quiet and relaxed area.
It is great to see the efforts of the community working towards creating and preserving wetland areas. These areas are so important for ensuring that we have a stable ecosystem that allows birds to thrive and to keep things in balance. The ponds are relaxing to stroll around, and are awesome to sit back and watch the birds move through the preserve. 

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  1. So sad that no local groups have taken on the task of maintaining the public areas including bird boxes, restrooms and trash cans. It is a beautiful resource e but needs upkeep desperately!


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