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Clarion County's Cute Shops, the Oldest Golf Course in the US, & More

The countryside of Clarion County is home to all sorts of cute shops, neat businesses, the oldest golf course in America, and more. Today we check out a bunch of these places. 

In Knox, PA, a beautiful old house is home to Countryside Crafts and Countryside Quilts, a crafts store with many different cute pieces of handiwork, in addition to a supply store for the creation of quilts. You can even try your hand at this old art within their shop. This is a cute store that really adds character to the area. 

Our next stops take us to the Fryburg Antique Depot and Clarion Antique Mall. Both of these antique stores are above average, with vendors offering great and well organized offerings. They are huge and well worth a trip out of the way for those of you who love antiquing.
An excellent choice for lunch or dinner is Clarion River Brewing Company
Their food is truly excellent, along with their brews. Their establishment is one of the best overall microbreweries and restaurants in the state. 
Divani Chocolatier in Foxburg
We end our tour of the cute shops and family businesses in Clarion County in the charming borough of Foxburg, along the Allegheny riverfront near its confluence with the Clarion River. This cute little town area is a success story in rejuvenation.

The Foxburg Red Caboose. It was placed here as a trailhead and nice rest stop for their stop on the Allegheny River Trail/Future Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.

The town lost its rail service when the heavy industry left the area. The area was a traditional rail town getaway for people, but after the loss of the railroad, it is now a bicycle rail trail town and an attraction for travelers. The Allegheny River Trail/Future Erie to Pittsburgh Trail goes right through this charming town. It is home to Divani Chocolatier, Foxburg Winery, Allegheny Grille, the Foxburg Inn, Foxburg Canoe and Kayak Outfitters, and more.
Up the hill from riverfront is the Foxburg Country Club, established in 1887, this is the oldest continuously operating golf course in the country. The course is home to the American Golf Hall of Fame. The golf course is public and openly accessible.

Foxburg's Lincoln Hall, the home of the thriving theater company, Allegheny RiverStone Arts
Foxburg Wine Cellars makes some pretty decent dry wines.
The Allegheny Grille is a decent restaurant, with large windows right on the riverfront. We will cover it more in an upcoming review and article. All we can say is that this place is superb and the views are mesmerizing. We had a decent meal and a fun time at this popular restaurant. 

We spent the night at the Inn at Deer Creek Winery, an absolutely excellent inn and gathering place that we thoroughly enjoyed. This is a very special place that you absolutely need to check out.
All in all, Clarion County has a ton of random and fun things to do, all peppered across the rural countryside. The area has all of the makings of a fun and relaxing weekend getaway.

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