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Beartown Rocks: A Rock City in Clear Creek State Forest, Jefferson County

Hidden within Clear Creek State Forest in Jefferson County is Beartown Rocks, a beautiful rock formation that consists of nearly house sized boulders, leading to an overlook of the Clarion Valley. The rocks are spread out far enough that it is said that the spaces between are like little roads, thus leading to "town" being a part of the name. This certainly feels like a rock city, as opposed to the feeling of a labyrinth like Bilger's Rocks, located about an hour southeast of this location. I always love seeing these rock cities. 
Beartown Rocks is pretty easy to find if you are in the are of Clear Creek State Park. It is located not too far from the perimeter of the state park, just off of Corbett Road, an unpaved State Forest Road.

This entire area is criss-crossed with many hiking trails, and not too many crowds, perfect for the type of person who likes this kind of serenity.
It always amazes me seeing how trees are able to grow through, and overcome these rocky growing conditions.
I also always love seeing the way moss and lichen grow upon boulders like this.
Steps to the highest location. It gives a nice view overlooking the Clarion Valley.
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Just for a sense of scale in the immensity of these boulders, Brit is about five foot five, meaning this boulder, which I believe is the largest of the group, measures in at about 15-20 feet high.
A view of the boulders from the overlook.

A mini tunnel
When coupled with the surrounding beautiful countryside that includes Clear Creek State Park, Cook Forest State Park, and other regional attractions, this is a great spot to stop and check out.

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  1. the first time we went up to the overlook, my grandson, 5 years old, said 'wow I can see North Dakota'. lol


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