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Coltart Street In Oakland, Pittsburgh: 1908 compared to now

I happened to run into some awesome photos from the Pittsburgh City Photographer's Collection. Easily some of the coolest period photos. This looks like your average street, with homes that it is hard to tell just how hold they are.

Now let's travel back to these awesome photos from 1908. The large apartment building with balconies is already built and looks a hint newer. 
Steam shovel! Look at that! Steam powered digging equipment with rails in place to help move it. When I first saw this picture my mind was blown. Wow! It makes you think of just how much hard work has gone into building this neighborhood.

It is almost disorienting seeing this view. On this corner to the right is a 3 or 4 story building housing an organization called Peoples Oakland that helps folks overcome mental illness. Right next to it is an old building with a copy shop in it.
Looking from the other direction. These photos blow my mind in how they capture the moment this block was being built up over a hundred years ago.

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