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Schuylkill Canal Pump House Remains in Manayunk from our friend Crissarobin

From our friend CrissaRobin: "Hi! I just wanted to share one of my interesting finds with you. I was running in Manayunk, pulled a calf muscle and hobbled my shamed but into the woods. I literally stumbled upon this old ruin. I think that it was a lock or pump house. It sits on top of a canal that runs next to the Schuylkill. You can move a girl to Philly but she'll always end up wandering around the woods. Cheers!"

This is a pretty cool find. Thank you! I found this information on the Schuylkill Canal on Wiki. I will have to explore it and research it more. The old canal systems next to the rivers are always something that have fascinated me. The switch to railroads and then the further move towards roads, cars and tractor trailers is something that fascinates me as well. Thank you for the find!

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