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Follow-up post to "1920 to now: Oakland, Pittsburgh, Forbes intersecting with Semple and McKee"

The other day in this blogpost I mentioned the Family House on McKee in Oakland as a remaining mansion of that group of mansions. The organization in the building has a wonderful mission, giving folks from out of town that have friends or family members an inexpensive place to stay while they receive the medical treatments they desperately need. They re-purposed this former mansion on McKee to serve that need and from there they have grown to several locations around some of the world class hospitals in the area including UPMC Presbyterean, Mercy, Shadyside along with West Penn Hospital and Allegheny Hospital. The mission of this organization is noble and they re purposed this character filled old building for this mission instead of it meeting the wrecking ball fate that the rest of the local mansions met. 

Here are some photos I took today of the re-purposed mansion

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