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A Look at St Paul's Cathedral in Oakland, Pittsburgh

St. Paul's Cathedral is the motherchurch of the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese. It has a congregation that dates back to 1834, 9 years before the incorporation of the diocese. The congregation was initially based downtown but in 1906 it moved to Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood with the shifting of the city's population outwards. Oakland was becoming a bustling center of the population. It is difficult to imagine but at this point parts of Oakland were still farmland. The church was built at a cost of 1.1 million in 1906 dollars, or over 27 million today with inflation.
You can see this church's two 247 foot spires all over Oakland for the church sits on a hill. Off to the right you can see Pitt's 535 foot tall, Cathedral of Learning. You can read more about it in one of our previous posts. 

The building is decorated in classic Gothic style, much like the building's younger sibling and neighbor, the Cathedral of Learning. It is a spectacular building to check out. The decorations are elegant and this 108 year old church building is truly spectacular. 

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