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Raccoon Creek State Park: Former Frankfort Mineral Springs

Yesterday on the Facebook page I posted this mysterious photo.
We got several cool responses. They were all plausible but not correct.

These are the remains of the Frankfort Mineral Springs at Raccoon Creek State Park. Frankfort Mineral Springs was once a thriving resort based around mineral springs that were believed to have healing powers. In the mid 19th century the idea that these mineral springs had healing powers swept across the nation. Folks from far and wide would go visit these mineral springs to cure them from their different ailments. A similar resort still remains in Bedford at the Bedford Springs Resort, the summer resort for the only president to ever come from Pennsylvania, James Buchanan, the man who oversaw the splintering of the union and uprising of the Civil War, but I digress.  

These mineral springs resorts were very popular in the Victorian era, but tastes changed in the early to mid 20th century. There are a few things remaining from the resort including this cut out area where the mineral springs were located and the shells/foundations of a few buildings. The resort used to have things like a dance hall, hotel building, stables and more. The remains of the resort are pretty cool to check out. The state park is very beautiful. The place is wooded, has a wonderful campground and a nice little lake. It is a great place to lose yourself for a day or two and just relax. 

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