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Phipps Conservatory Spring Flower Show Part II: The rest of the show and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes

We continue today on our journey through the Phipps Conservatory Spring Flower Show. The entire place is filled with this beautiful glasswork. Great attention is played to every little detail throughout the gardens. The place has such notoriety that it was designated as the place for the world's leaders to gather for dinner during the city's hosting of the G-20 Summit of World Leaders in 2009. 
A large Miniature train display is set up centrally in the complex. They change the theme pretty frequently. Now they have a dinosaurs theme. These dinos play tennis with their human counterparts and rip apart bridges. I am very surprised I did not take a full shot of the display. My preference is to take shots that show the whole picture as opposed to individual things. The attention to detail in the exhibits at the Conservatory is reflected in how I took my shots. The first picture here yet again seems to show how any post I have recently written about Pittsburgh has some sort of connection to trolleys :-) 
 It looks like the T-Rex is about to make a drive.
 Probably the only place in Pittsburgh where Bananas are able to grow.
 More beautiful glasswork
The Rainforest Room is currently themed towards the Indian rainforest, showing different cultural aspects from India. The highlighting of different cultures that have rainforests has really been a pretty cool thing Phipps has done.

 We are now heading out the back to the new Center for Sustainable Energy. First I had to take a shot of this different view of Oakland.
 Here you can see part of the new Center for Sustainable Landscapes. It is LEED certified and one of the greenest buildings on the planet. They harness wind, solar, and geothermal energy to sustain the complex and contribute to the grid. This 4 story addition is 100 percent sustainable and an example of what can be done when places are planned to run efficiently and with minimal impact to the surrounding area. 
Here is the vertical axis wind turbine. 
 Solar panels are placed all around on the rooftops.
 Here you can see the 19th century meet with the 21st century.
 Back to the Miniature train display where the dinos are portrayed in a 20th century setting
  The glass ceilings were really complemented by the spectacular skies.
The beautiful glass centerpiece in the Succulents Room
 My favorite of the succulents.
 Here the music theme of the Spring Flower Show really started to rock out
 The created this awesome little fountain with different brass instruments

 This room was the most spectacular of all of the special displays. They really outdid themselves this year. The flowers were stunning, placed beautifully, and the planning the organizers did really showed through. I highly recommend getting to Phipps anytime of the year, but especially right now for the Spring Flower Show.

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