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The University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning on a Snowy March 1st, 2014

We had a pleasant Sunday adventure through Oakland in the beautiful snow today. In this first shot you see the iconic O Hot Dog Shop, the Schenley Quad which dates back to the 20s, the Towers dorms and the Cathedral of Learning looming in the back.

The Cathedral is where we were headed
On the left you can see the William Pitt Student Union. It was originally the home of the Schenley Hotel, a place where folks like Richie Ashburn, Babe Ruth and other legends would stay when they played at the nearby former Forbes Field.

Almost there....
Brit looking all warm
The small building on the right is the Stephen Foster Memorial. He is the legendary musician that wrote songs like Oh Susanna and Camptown Races. 
A look at snowy Oakland from the 36th floor. The large building complex is the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History along with the Carnegie Library and Music Hall. 
Frick Fine Arts is the building center left and you can barely see the Phipps Conservatory in the distance on the left. The empty area in the center is the Schenley Plaza, a place where folks throw frisbees and sunbathe on warmer days. The large circular structure is a pavilion and the small circle next door to that is a carousel. 
The building at the bottom of this shot is the Pittsburgh Athletic Association and the building middle-left is the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Museum and auditorium. We saw Joe Grushecky and the House Rockers jam out with Bruce Springsteen in the auditorium a few years ago. The empty plot to the right of it was the home to another auditorium, the Syria Mosque, which was torn down by UPMC to create a parking lot. 
The center building is Pitt's Alumni Hall. This building was originally a Masonic Temple

We now head down the main floor, home to the commons room and some spectacular vaulted ceilings
The architecture of the Cathedral of Learning is truly spectacular.
This is the best place to relax and study. Not too many folks trekking out into the snow on a Sunday to go and take advantage. As a student we both would go and study here. 
Every little detail was paid attention to when this building was built. 
Right down to the framing around the radiators
Such a spectacular place. This building was planned and erection started during the splendor of the Roaring 20s. Construction was halted when the Great Depression kicked in. Thanks to philanthropy and donations by the many cultural groups that create the diversity of the region, the construction eventually continued and the building would be completed as the centerpiece of a learning community and hub for the whole community to visit, learn in and enjoy. 
Brit is ready to go!
There is a cool balcony heading out of the building. All in all this is a cool place, especially in the middle of a snowstorm. 

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