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East Liberty Part III: East Liberty Presbyterian

One of the most spectacular steeple/towers for a church that I have seen is the 300 foot East Liberty Presbyterian Church, also known as the Cathedral of Hope. I have never taken the opportunity to go into the church. With how much care they took with the exterior, I am sure the interior is as spectacular as well.  The church also has one of the largest pipe organs that has ever been built. I would like to take a peek into this church sometime. It is very hard to miss if you get anywhere near East Liberty. You can see the 300 foot tower down Centre Avenue and Baum Boulevard for miles.
One of the most distinctive things about Pittsburgh is the sheer quantity of grand cathedrals. The sheer amount of spectacular steeples is truly amazing. 
Here is how the Cathedral interacts with Motor Square Garden, our topic yesterday. We were discussing the height of Motor Square Garden yesterday. For reference, we know that the Cathedral is 300 feet tall. The Garden is the greenish-bluish dome to the right. All of this development would not have been possible without the popularity of the streetcar that made this area popular.  

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